Kids Eating

Do your Kids not eat?

“What to do to get the kids to eat?” millions of parents all over the world are struggling to find the answer to the above-mentioned question and so many moms are keeping complaining about this. But if you stare at the child, they are just healthy or chubby and pretty.

So, we can’t decide that the children should eat at the time we eat. They will eat when they are hungry they will eat as much as they need to eat. So many of us are taking the wrong decision regarding this matter as the kids are not eating. No need to panic, they don’t want to eat now so not, that’s it. Just imagine, that can we eat at the time we are satisfied to the full? Therefore, everyone can eat when they need it.

· Feed them when they need to eat. Don’t force them well. If you do so they will hate to eat meals.

· Don’t make them scare or don’t intimidate them for food.

Making children scared causes to them pee on the bed. However, the child needs to be fed. Thus we try several ways to feed. If not, we make them scared shouting such as “OH, frog coming” or something else and then feed. Keep in mind, you are feeding fears, not food. The frog is doing nothing. But children will imagine that the frog is a terrible animal in the way it raises our voices. After that, they will eat soon after we remind the frog. We are satisfied as we succeeded. Never, we made them fear so they will become Coward in the future. This the major problem which some youths facing nowadays. So they will lose their future ambitions. Never make them scare or never intimidate them for food.

· Make their food like small spheres and keep them as high a place as the children can get.

When the children come and try to take the food just tell them not to take it by a light signal. They will like those activities and may eat all because in common the children love negativity.

If you give juice or sweets they don’t eat but if you tell them it prepared for your brother’s or sister’s and not to touch that, now they will take all. This is commonly happening because they like negativity.

· Take and keep four or five colors food plates without knowing the children.

When you feed tell them “this is one for you” and so they will eat for a new plate or bottle. After two or three days again change the plate and give a new color food plate. This technique will help and make it easy to feed them.

· When you make food make them a partner to cook by telling them to bring tomato, salad and little things. While telling to dad I and my kid prepared the food, he will be very proud and it will stimulate the kid to eat.

· If the kid doesn’t eat, no need to panic as long as the circuit is active. it’s nothing he is not hungry so he doesn’t. make it simple. When he feels hungry then he will eat. Please don’t impose to eat. He will face disease by imposing to eat. If you feel any changes in the kid’s body or fainted or activeness and agility, consult a doctor soon now.

· Give them fresh foods to eat. In some countries, they are cooking the tomato and consuming. The tomato should be consumed without cooking.

· Give the children a variety of greens and vegetables.

· Don’t try to give them the same recipe every day. Change the recipe and feed.

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