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A handsome guy went into the hotel and asked to meet the boss. When the boss came, the story began.

Customer: Is room 15 available?

Boss: Yes sir.

Customer: can I book it?

Boss: Of course, you can

Customer: Thank you.

Before going to the room, the client requested the boss to provide him with a small black knife, a white rope with 50cm and a red apple with medium size.

The boss nodded his head to agree to give. But he was surprised at the weird things the customer requested to have.

The customer went to his room and shut the door, he didn’t ask for food or anything else.

But, unfortunately, the boss’ room was next to the customer’s room 15.

After midnight, the boss heard strange voices and noises in the customer’s room. Voices of wildlife and of appliances and dishes being thrown on the floor. Not only that, but he heard also the screaming voice of a woman.

For the whole night, the boss couldn’t sleep. He continued to think what the source of the noise might be.

The latter asked to see the room first when the client gave the boss the keys in the morning. He went to the room and found that all was okay. Nothing extraordinary. The white rope, the little black knife and the red apple were even found on the table. The client paid for the bill and gave the bellboys a very good tip and with a pleased smile left the hotel. The boss was still in shock but he didn’t reveal what he heard to the bellboys. In fact, he started to doubt himself.

After one year, the same customer showed up again. He requested to meet the boss again. The boss was in a puzzle.

The customer asked the same things: room 15, small black knife, 50cm white rope and the medium-size red apple.

This time in every way possible, the boss wanted to know the truth. He was sleepless for a night awaiting something to happen. Following midnight, the same voices and noises began, this time louder than in the previous year.

The customer paid his bill before departing again and left the bellboys a big tip on the table. His face wasn’t left with a smile.

The boss began to look for the meaning of all the customer requested. Why did Room 15 ask? Why the rope white? Why the little black knife? In fact, the boss did not come across all of the questions convincingly.

The manager now looked forward to the month of March, the month in which the customer appeared.

To his surprise, the same client appeared on the first day of March. His questions were the same. He liked to book the same room, wanted the same things as before.

This time louder than before, the boss heard again the same noises.

The customer left the hotel in the morning, the boss politely apologized to the customer and requested that the secret of the noises be known in this room.

- “You promise never to reveal it to anyone else if I tell you the secret?”

- “I’ll never let anybody else, I promise?”

- “Promise”

- “I won’t reveal your secret, I swear”

The customer revealed the boss finally his secret.

The boss was an honest person, unfortunately. He hasn’t disclosed his secret to anybody until now.

when he does, I will let you know………

Thank you for reading.



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