How to fix a broken heart

I am sorry but nobody can fix a broken heart. Not now, but maybe one day when a scientific geek with hairs sticking out of his nose and ears invents something that could make your heart pump back its way into your life. That’s the day, we would also say as proud as mankind. “My heart was a broken piece of shit once upon a time”.

Oh, come on man!! nobody gets their heartbroken from breakups, betrayal, and rejection. if it did, we would all be Dead By now. Animals would rule the world and humans would be the hottest gossip. the human extinction in the front cover of grizzly bears’ newspapers.

Now, did it sink on you? That my sole focus is on making you laugh. yes!! everyone deserves to laugh. No matter how broken down you are or how much disgusting you think you are!!!

Here’s the deal:

I think you are strong

I think you are confident

I think you are beautiful

I think you are somebody’s Knight in shining amour or the Badass princess

I think you are funny

I believe you have a good heart

I think you are capable of anything

As long as I have faith in you so should you. Isn’t that enough??

Did you feel any better knowing your heart cannot be broken? Yes! You probably did. But do you know why it cannot be broken?

Here are six reasons why you are Invincible?

  1. You own you — don’t give others the right to hurt you.
  2. You are strong-minded — words won’t hurt you only actions will.
  3. You love yourself — loving one’s own self would help you learn not to give a shit of what others say.
  4. You are confident — you believe in yourself and your dreams.
  5. You have a good heart — you don’t have to prove to anyone that.
  6. You Are Not Alone — you have you and me.

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