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Face masks are now required all over the world. We’ve all got more face masks than ever before.

UV Sterilizer Box has invented an entirely new product that can assist in keeping your mask sanitary. As a result, you can wear them every day without fear of inhaling harmful bacteria or other contaminants.

The UV Sterilizer Box is a UVC carrying case for your mask that can easily and quickly destroy all harmful bacteria in minutes. With each use, this keeps your mask clean and sanitary.

They can cause bacteria to multiply, making your mask far more dangerous than it was when you first removed it.

The UV Sterilizer kills bacteria while cleaning your mask without requiring it to be washed. The UV Sterilizer is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse and is rechargeable via USB cable.

Simply place your mask inside the UV Sterilizer Box, close the lid, and the UVC light will disinfect your mask almost instantly.




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