Both work and family are the centers of attention of any woman, like most women today, are workers and not housewives and the reasons that drive women to work are many. Including the economic factor and increasing the requirements of life and her desire to support her husband in household expenses, in addition to her awareness of the importance of work in achieving her ambition.

How can a woman achieve a balance between her work and her role as mother & wife?

It’s not an easy matter for a working woman to achieve a balance between her work and her family. As it is an obsession that keeps her awake at bay. She always lives in the struggle between her ambition and her dream of being a successful person who has a mark in life and between the passion of motherhood that makes her feel responsible for her children, and her fear of any neglect of her duties as a mother and wife.

Here are some valuable tips which may help:

Segregation of work and home duties; Getting rid of guilty

Therefore the working woman shouldn’t lose sight of this matter and be keen to be a friend of her husband and find time every day to talk to him about his work detail of their lives, so don’t hesitate to invent activities to break the routine such as weekly or monthly date to go outing together and enjoying the company of one other.

That is for a working woman to find time to take care of herself, practice her favorite hobbies or visit her mother, father and siblings as these times are necessary to relieve stress and renew her energy.

Note: in the other hand, there are several things to take understanding about working wife by the husband to survive healthy family life. We will discuss it in another tutorial

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