Dogs are the funniest and friendliest of all time. They are not called the best friend of a man for nothing but with hundreds of breeds to choose from to fit your lifestyles and needs.

Here are some famous doggies every pooch lover should know.

Number 1 — Guard dogs.

Many people are not only looking for a friend, but they are also looking for a trustworthy guardian. If you are one of them and would like your pooch to take care of your house You should perhaps consider:

Whipping Cream

The easiest recipe to make whipping cream at home at a low-cost

whipping cream is used for plenty of purposes in our daily life. Most commonly needed to make dessert, whipped topping for cakes and pies.

In the market, we have to spend a little more to purchase it. Why go for the market when it possible to be produced at home at a low cost.

Here is the recipe:

Ingredients you need:

  1. Water — ¼ cup (65ml)
  2. Fresh milk — 1 cup (250ml)
  3. Cornflour — 1 Tablespoon.
  4. Gelatin — 10g
  5. Sugar — 2 tablespoons

How to make:

suspense story

This thrilling scenario happened with a guy named John when he was 17 years old…

He would go to the gym, three to four times a week and ride the bus home.

It was a Sunday — and he had just missed his bus, so he had to wait longer for another one.

He would’ve called my parents but they were out for the evening -

and taxis charged more…

So, He decided to sit and wait in the bus shelter.


A handsome guy went into the hotel and asked to meet the boss. When the boss came, the story began.

Customer: Is room 15 available?

Boss: Yes sir.

Customer: can I book it?

Boss: Of course, you can

Customer: Thank you.

Before going to the room, the client requested the boss to provide him with a small black knife, a white rope with 50cm and a red apple with medium size.

The boss nodded his head to agree to give. But he was surprised at the weird things the customer requested to have.

The customer went to his room and…

Many of our kids are facing some skin problems such as dry skin, skin allergies, psoriasis, rash and dark skin. We are having a lot of products in the market to cure such diseases, but they might be so expensive as well as we can not assure 100% positive result and might give side effects.

The world in which we are living now is chemicalized world. Every product has a chemical-rich compound. Even food products, beauty, health, medicine, etc are running with chemical-rich compounds. So these chemical-rich products are transferring the natural into artificial. The result will be nice but…

Both work and family are the centers of attention of any woman, like most women today, are workers and not housewives and the reasons that drive women to work are many. Including the economic factor and increasing the requirements of life and her desire to support her husband in household expenses, in addition to her awareness of the importance of work in achieving her ambition.

How can a woman achieve a balance between her work and her role as mother & wife?

It’s not an easy matter for a working woman to achieve a balance between her work and her…

S2S Center

This is for sharing healthy tips, beauty tips and valuable thoughts.

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